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3 weeks ago

Beauty Paws Mobile Pet Grooming

It’s okay to not love your dog sometimes, and it’s okay to talk about it. One of the problems with social media is we only tend to see the happy faces and awesome moments and you think you’re the only one with a dog who makes you homicidal sometimes. But you’re not.

You know the other day Rupert pooped in his crate, after I’d taken him out 5 times, and then he tried to eat it while I was cleaning it up? So I was gagging and shooing him away at the same time? And Paddington hates going outside on wet grass so I have to walk him out there and demand that he pee or he’ll hold it for hours, and he’ll do it staring at me as if I’ve just told him he’s never eating again? And Mallory barks at NOTHING, literally nothing sometimes? And Messner will take any opportunity to find something and shred it? Like my nice fake flower centerpiece I bought that he discovered in a bag on the floor.....

My dogs are DOGS. And so are yours. And pictures of them being so cute and sweet and awesome is only .5% of what life is like. Yes, they are well trained and well managed and they are all amazing but they are still dogs and some moments in the day I want to turn them all into pillows.

Have a bad day, have a few bad moments. And realize that it’s okay. They can be so frustrating sometimes because they are animals and we can’t always control them and make them exactly what we want, when we want, at the perfect time. BUT that’s why we also love them.
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3 months ago

Beauty Paws Mobile Pet Grooming

Power of Positivity
Dog Lovers, get your tissues. 😭😭😭
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